***** Inaugural Post ****** 

Sharing my insights as a three month trip unfolds and highlights Mediterranean masterpieces. 

I have been posting daily drawings on Instagram for 21 months as jnnewing and now I expand that content into stories that build a program- "Nudge Your Muse" that will be offered later this year.

To mark the beginning I want to first acknowledge my muse who has always used a strong voice inside me. On my first big solo European journey in 1983, that voice was present. This was a time before cell phones and internet support. But I also had my faithful "Let's Go" as my comfort and guide. I trusted those students that trekked before me.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Let%27s_Go_(book_series)

I knew very little, nor was I particularly prepared, so everything was fresh. Arriving alone in unknown places often prompted a floor-dropping-out-from-under-me feeling. These milestone moments taught me resilience and determination. When it dawned on me that I had truly reached my destination, in spite of some unnerving moments, I felt transformed and triumphant. Braver with each step, I felt my super powers grow as I boarded trains, buses and walked till my feet could go no further.  From that time on, I have focused on creating more states of arrivals in my life - to go for the New.

Today Leo and I are going to revisit Europe - a journey designed to fulfill long time desires some people call a bucket list.  We chose locations that hold history, intrigue, art and a quality that feeds our souls. We both keenly know it is THE TIME to go! A window has opened. We shared great disappointment with the rest of the world when COVID ended our 2020 travel plans. But now we have had all this time to reconsider our choices and they are even stronger than before. We are committed to seeing this adventure unfold and support our dreams.

Santorini has been calling to us for a long time. Mural clients have commissioned me to paint  cute little streets and villages on the island giving me a preview of what will be reality soon. In spite of all the tourists and hype, Santorini has an incredible pedigree in the ancient world. To be perched on the edge of a former caldera with the long vista across the Aegean Sea is breathtaking and heavenly. Every time I see a photo, my heart beats faster. That this might have been the long lost Atlantis makes it even more attractive. https://www.greeka.com/cyclades/santorini/sightseeing/santorini-volcano/atlantis/

I take caution to not overly anticipate what might happen here but I am willing to meet and embrace what is there for me. 


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