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  ***** Inaugural Post  ******  NUDGE YOUR MUSE   Sharing my insights as a three month trip unfolds and highlights  Mediterranean masterpieces.  I have been posting daily drawings on Instagram for 21 months as jnnewing and now I expand that content into stories that build a program- "Nudge Your Muse" that will be offered later this year. To mark the beginning I want to first acknowledge my muse who has always used a strong voice inside me. On my first big solo European journey in 1983, that voice was present.  This was a time before cell phones and internet support. But I also had my faithful "Let's Go" as my comfort and guide. I trusted those students that trekked before me. I knew very little, nor was I particularly prepared, so everything was fresh. Arriving alone in unknown places often prompted a floor-dropping-out-from-under-me feeling. These milestone moments taught me resilience  and determination.

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