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Starting my "Create the Impossible" Project

"Create The Impossible " - how compelling is that for a program title? I signed on back last February without knowing where this would take me. A project came to me as I was looking for it. My first plans disappeared as the true one emerged and that is all part of what Michael Neill teaches. I am being guided to become a curator and author, surprising because I have not aspired to either until now.  One of the prompts for this program was - Ask For Help! For me this meant reaching out to my teaching artist friends to elicit their responses to questions about the nature of visual art and how that can feed our souls.  They are contributing to a book in process that includes encounters with the essence of the building blocks of visual art.  I am collaborating with 12 fine artists to explore line, texture, scale, rhythm, composition and more. I have never taken time out to ask them what is exciting for them when they use these elements but what a gold mine this is becoming. Each

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