Three websites have become one! is back with new ways to connect to you.           

BEFORE- three websites. Each served a different part of the professional me. You had to use three URLs to find my various offerings. I thought I was so clever by making each segment unique. It was like a badge of honor to say that I had all these websites and then business cards that went along with them. For years, I did not find the connections between them important. But as my work grew and my desire to become more accessible to my various audiences increased, I saw that one house would be easier to manage than three. There was my main art site - that included my old blog and lots of background info. In addition I hosted that was about organizational learning programs (team building) based on Spirit Boat Making and Heart Making workshops. A few years later, I added, that showcased my drawing classes. I had covered all my bases, my art work, my workshops and my drawing experiences. What was missing was the umbrella of HOW I CAN HELP PEOPLE TRANSFORM THEMSELVES THROUGH ART and using that as the unifying principle. All of these were about personal empowerment and using art as a tool and inspiration. 

But I want to mention one more part of my work that is independent in nature from the others. That still exists as, my original website for murals and decorative painting, a business that I run with my husband, Leo Germano. It was launched in 1989 and gives a historic perspective to how I began to use art full-time in my life once I quit working a regular gig as a graphic artist in an engineering firm. In all these stages of my life, these websites showed how I wanted to be seen in the world so I want to acknowledge all that went into them.  

AFTER - Integration! Wholeness achieved! Once I realized my purpose was to get people to engage with me and my art on a variety of levels, all the angst dropped away. And I cleared out messy management with my host - GoDaddy, saved time and money and brought this all together in a way that now serves me better. Whew..... it feels great.  And I have a brand new logo. So much of my work is guided by a Spirit Boat that it is now central to my professional identity. Therefore using a Viking style Spirit Boat with a wave of energy riding above it fits how I navigate the world and beyond. 


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