Quality of paint

One of my best friends is a can of paint. It can be acrylic, latex, or other water-based paint that is the

vehicle of transformation for spaces.
Paint holds color and is spread across a space. It can be delivered with a brush, sponge, rag, roller, spray or combination of other tools.
It can go on smooth, lumpy, scratchy or brushy. It can be combed, dragged, or crackled.
I just love the stuff because it symbolizes transformation for me. A new coat of paint is said to freshen up something with a new feeling, mood or look,

When you first encounter a can of paint, it is a special moment. There is an expectation of excitement that a surface is about to change. The paint is a kind of skin that goes on as a protection, a decoration or a celebration. The skin is a colored covering. It is sticky - it has to be. It lays down and fills the cracks in a surface and finds its way to the lowest point. It drips too if the relationship of brush, paint and surface are not respected.

Relationship to paint  - to the applicator- to the surface - to the responsible person who chooses the paint
How it behaves - sticky, thick, thin, opaque, silky, textured
What it does- covers, protects, gives a new look
How it holds up - does it fade?


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