More Gifts of Words from Curt

My grandfather, Curt Behm with my grandmother Jennie, the nurse, circa 1918. He and I still have a wonderful relationship and I feel that his spirit is here to give me support in my life and work.
Here are more gems about Spirit Boats that he imparted to me in a meditation.

"Boats go on land, sea or air and are from the earth. They ride the currents and float into outer space. They can also sink into the deep. They are like us, fragile and yet eternal, being born at the same time the ancients started exploring. This is in alignment with our own nature and makes sense. Like an appendage, an arm or leg, a boat rides along with you.

The source of the boat - where does it originate? How does it arrive going against the tides? Sweet smells of fresh air and rain carry the boat along its way. The water moves it along like a song.

Blood has a hard time with a narrow place. It loves to flow wildly and openly. Boats love to float in the same way and not have to work around dames or clogs. Keep a pathway open for your boat so that it can complete the journey.

The heart lies in the chest and is the generator of feelings. Hearts give the necessary life force to run its course.

Bring all the sense to the table so that a rich mix can be born. The art voice is strong and wise. It is often wiser than we are. Helping to investigate what is already there and needs to show up.

Be patient so that more can happen in the right way - so that it feels natural and unique".

Wouldn't it be great if all of our grandfathers could impart such wisdom to us?


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