Gift of Words


I am using this post to highlight something amazing that came through for me last year. These words come to me via the voice of my grandfather who used writing as his creative venue. His death in 1962 deeply affected me for he knew how to support my young artistic soul unlike any other. Today, he is a cherished spirit guide.

This is his old Underwood typewriter that I hold dear in memory of him. When I asked him during a meditation to speak to the nature of my work with Spirit Boats, I received these messages loud and clear. I could not have composed this myself nor is this how I use language. I consider this a gift that keeps giving.

"Jennifer is satisfying people's desires to be at peace with death. 

Many times there are openings that need to be filled and there are things that need to be offered. 

All of life is sacred and there is a time that is calling to be set aside to listen to what is at the bottom. 

Extensions of a person can come in many forms and broadcast a signal that is more sensed than observed. 

Values show up in the way people make art - the invisible becomes visible.  

How much more powerful can you get than this"?


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