New Mantra

Space for Ascent  Acrylic on canvas

In my studio yesterday, this idea hit me and would not let go.
I told myself - you have been working very hard. Humn..... HARD -   that was a key that opened up a chain of other thoughts and questions.   Why was this?   What made things so hard? and........ What if things were LIGHT? I want to work LIGHT.

This is my new mantra - Working Light which will help me stay on   track with these prompts. How can I be lighter? Less dense? Move   through tough times with more ease?

Looking for the light is something I do everyday. Light is a precious   commodity that we all have access to but often take for granted.
I love the sky both day and night, the stars, clouds, colors and effects   that I celebrate everyday. Light is elevating and glorious.

This translates into my studio as I create paintings that have a   overarching sense of light. I make my sculptures as light as I can by   choosing materials that weigh as little as possible and still do the job.


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