New Website Coming


It's been a long time coming but I am putting up a whole new website that combines the best I have to offer. There will be extraordinary ways to connect with me, my work and programs that I am excited about. 

In this new era, I continue to ask how can art help us navigate what's ahead and stay calm in the process. This question guides how I create, paint, draw and teach and design methods of closer observation, drawing as a meditation, and exploring the nature of how we see.  At the base is engagement with something much bigger than any of us. When I put on my creative hat, I just feel better and solutions to challenges seem to happen faster. And I feel that is the case for most people. I steer really clear of fear when I can and that has helped me reach places I never thought I could. 

Let's travel together in a Spirit Boat, or into a realm where vision is expanded, or a space where we build confidence in our inner artist. Let's see what can happen if we choose art as our super power.


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