Spirit Boat and Paper Making Combo Workshop

May 12 Collaboration with John Sullivan at Logos Graphics when we both teach our passions. 

 I will be demonstrating how to sculpt a Spirit Boat as the base for art and John will lead a paper-making process to create the skin for the boat. Participants will experience two art techniques and walk away with something extraordinary.
    Our workshop will run from 10 am - 3 pm with a break for a light lunch. Logo Graphics @ 499 Alabama St. is a wonderful place to learn and explore potentials of hand made paper. http://www.logosgraphics.net/
One can add textures to the paper to make it even more personal.  To sign up - email 
John@logosgraphics. net

Last month I took a class taught by a master paper maker, Steph Rue, who has a special relationship to Korean arts. Her blog is an amazing way to learn about many Korean techniques that go back centuries to when we used the natural world around us as our inspiration.


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