Ruth's Table New Building and Gallery

There is nothing quite like stepping into a brand new gallery space and seeing your painting hung there as part of a collection of works purchased from artists who exhibited work at Ruth's Table last year. My painting, Grotte, was in my solo show - September 2017. But now that the new space is open, it is time for a gala which marks Bethany Center's 50th Anniversary. 
It was a magical night with lots going on.

In the interview with Jessica McCracken, Vice President, Programing & Development, I was asked:
with what process did you use to make it?
The basis is acrylic paint with some latex that I layer on top or mix together and when the paint has given me the story, I then draw on top with chalk and fix that with a coat of gel medium.
The psychic process is to stop and listen to what wants to come forward to me as a Spirit Boatist, and describe that feeling and place on the canvas.

what are some lasting impression made by the Bethany Center residents?
When I held my workshop where we made Spirit Boats together, I was amazed and impressed in how deep each participant went into themselves to find their inner artist and bring out their innate talents.
Art making was so natural and joyful for them. I realized how accomplished they are as creators due to their nurturing environment and their experiences of gaining mastery with many materials and ideas.

what role does Ruth's Table programming play in the lives of others?
This is a place where you can find integration between mind, body, spirit and art. What a rich place to express oneself!  And the loving support given through RT programs gives one a chance to bravely create and share with other fellow travelers.


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